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Our Las Vegas Property Title Services

After reviewing the initial property profile of a piece of real estate and determining an interest in proceeding, it is essential to obtain a title report, or what is sometimes referred to as a “full-coverage report”. A title report provides a comprehensive overview of a property, which often includes vital information missing from the preliminary property profile. This report supplies a history of the property’s title that includes any arbitration or liens, which could undermine the property’s assessed value. Protect yourself and secure your interests in a property by obtaining the necessary title information through National Title Co.’s comprehensive title services.


Why Las Vegas & Nevada Choose Us

The roots of National Title Co. grow deep in Las Vegas. C.H. “Butch” Bouchard established this family-owned business in 1984 to provide this city with an honest and knowledgeable option for title and escrow services. Butch began this quest by leveraging his vast experience in the real estate market and strong conviction that customer service always comes first. For more than 25 years National Title Co. has grown with Las Vegas and played a central role in the growth of downtown Las Vegas. Now with the torch passed to Tracy R. Bouchard, our agents continue to uphold National Title Co.’s core characteristics of courtesy and efficiency when providing title & property title report services. Our team’s level of experience and professionalism has helped developed our company into the states most recognized provider of escrow and title services, fulfilling Butch’s original vision and helping to build a prosperous Las Vegas for the 21st century.



How Our Title & Property Services Work for You

Let National Title Co. handle the extensive research required for a title report and rest assured no stone will go unturned. Our property reports will make it easy for you to secure peace-of-mind when it comes to the unknown with your perspective property. We provide a full-coverage report of the property in question, guaranteeing that you are well informed should you make the decision to go forward with the sale. When seeking title and escrow services, you will ensure a smooth process by securing the team that best represents your interests. By choosing National Title Co. you are selecting Las Vegas’s top provider in property title reports. Contact us today to see why so many Nevada residents choose National Title Co. for their title services

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