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Our Las Vegas Escrow Refinance Services

Escrow is an important process of managing one’s resources in transactions that pose a potential risk. In the refinancing escrow process, the funds for the sale of a property are placed in a third party account until all obligations, such as the title insurance and property profile, have been adequately fulfilled by all parties. Yet, as circumstances dictate, it sometimes becomes necessary to refinance escrow and the original loan. There are potential tax ramifications, which affect the escrow account into which payments are made when you refinance, making it essential to use an experienced firm to refinance escrow on your home.


Why Las Vegas Chooses Us for Refinancing

Many of National Title Co.’s clients have played key roles in the real estate growth of Las Vegas. Founded in 1984, by C.H. “Butch” Bouchard, our title and escrow company has grown with this city and has been a big part of the downtown redevelopment project that began in the late 80’s. Tracy R. Bouchard, President and CEO, now heads our proud presence here in Las Vegas. Many of National Title Co.’s founding members are still part of our reputable organization and continue to carry on Butch’s principles of considerate and prompt title and escrow services to carry us forward into the 21st century.



How Our Refinancing Services Work for You

Refinancing escrow requires a thorough understanding of escrow and in Las Vegas, where real estate is at a premium, the landscape, literally and figuratively, can change in the blink of an eye. It is important that you reap the rewards of keeping up with market fluctuations and tax incentives by letting our experienced agents at National Title Co. guide you in this potentially frustrating process and refinance your escrow. National Title Co. is a family-owned business, providing premium title and escrow refinance services for over 25 years to the community in the state of Nevada. Our experienced agents will listen to your concerns and really understand your needs before putting together the best plan made specifically for you. If you are planning to refinance escrow, ensure a smooth, expedient experience by retaining the right agents to represent your interests. Contact us to get started on your escrow refinance or to find out what you can do today!

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