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Our Las Vegas Property Profile Services

When considering the sale or purchase of a property, it is essential to engage in a full property services profile, which includes items such as soil samples and aerial photographs. You must analyze an in-depth review of the property in question before progressing into a transaction. A fair and thorough property report maximizes the potential success of the transaction for all concerned. Property services for profiling are critical throughout the property transfer process, as they provide the involved parties with all the property information needed when selling or purchasing a property.

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Why Las Vegas Prefers Us for Property Profile Services

When C.H. “Butch” Bouchard founded National Title Co. in 1984, he had 25 years of experience in title and escrow services. National Title Co. has been doing business in Las Vegas for over 25 years since then. We possess a deep understanding of the Las Vegas market, having grown with the city and played an integral part in its recent resurgence as a major business center. Our company and team of agents have accumulated a wealth of experience that well-informed consumers covet when it comes to title, escrow, and complete property services. As National Title Co. continues to advance and grow under the guidance of Tracy R. Bouchard, the values that nurtured this family-owned business for the last 25 years still remain a central part of our business philosophy. These values, which place an emphasis on courtesy and efficiency in all our dealings, have become National Title Co.’s hallmark and made us the leading Las Vegas property services provider.



How Our Property Profile Services Work for You

In order to best determine the market value of a property it is crucial to obtain a property profile as your first step. You will want to know how the property is zoned, its previous sale history, whether there are liens for which you could be responsible, code issues and what development, if any, it has undergone. Whether you have personal or investment interests, comprehensive property profiles will play a serious factor in helping you make a well-informed decision. In short, know the lay of the land, before engaging in a major transaction that will have immediate and long–term effects on your finances and real estate portfolio. Let the experienced agents at National Title Co. guide you with our property services, so you can take the first steps toward a satisfying and secure future.

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