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Las Vegas Foreclosure & Default Services

Foreclosure is the process by which a mortgaged property is repossessed when the mortgage payments has fallen to far into default status. In the event of foreclosure, regardless of the reason, it is critical to ensure that no one suffers unduly during the process. By procuring the help of an impartial third party to handle the foreclosure services of the property, financial loss can be mitigated for all concerned. National Title Co is leading provider of default services in Las Vegas & Nevada allowing you to mitigate financial loss.


Why Nevada Chooses Us For Default Servicing

Over the past 25 years, National Title Co. has helped the residents and small-business owners of Las Vegas through numerous cycles of ups-and-downs in the real estate market. C.H. “Butch” Bouchard founded National Title Co. in 1984 with family-oriented values at the core of his mission statement. Sticking to these core values has made us the premier title and escrow service provider in Las Vegas. Since our inception our team of title and escrow agents have been put to the test, helping to redevelop the Las Vegas downtown area and ensuring the renewed prosperity of Las Vegas as a whole. Throughout this time our agents have shown an unwavering dedication to our clients and their real estate needs. Our default servicing and foreclosure process starts with deeply understanding our clients’ specific situation, using our long history and understanding of the Las Vegas market, and delivering top tier services in a courteous and efficient manner. The torch has been passed from Butch to Tracy R. Bouchard, who, similar to his predecessor, believes that exceptional service breeds strong business. As National Title Co. proceeds into the 21st century, we do so with an ever-deepening commitment to the residents and small-businesses that make Las Vegas great.



How Our Default & Foreclosure Services Work for You

As everyone is painfully aware, foreclosure is not an easy proposition. After a lender seeks to foreclose on a property, any unpaid debts to contractors, overdue taxes or liens against the property will be called into question. When caught in this situation, the steps you must take can often feel overwhelming. A mishandled foreclosure might result in a claim for a deficiency judgment, making you liable for further payments on the loan, which can be overwhelming despite the already devastating loss of your property. Let National Title Co. act as your guide through this foreclosure process, answering all your questions and anticipating your legal needs, thereby reducing your financial and psychological strain through our comprehensive default servicing. If you have defaulted or anticipate defaulting on your mortgage, contact our agents immediately and engage the services of a team dedicated to your long-term interests and providing you with the best default services. We have helped many Las Vegas residents through this challenging foreclosure process with our extensive foreclosure services and are eager here to help you too.

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