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Benefits of Upsizing Your Home
Benefits of Upsizing Your Home
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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live in the mansion of your dreams? Living like royalty can seem like a fantasy, but upsizing is a completely possible move to make – especially for retirees. With more money to spend than ever before, putting the down payment on a larger home has never been easier. Just think of the possibilities!

While some empty-nesters make the decision to downsize their homes, upsizing provides many other benefits for homebuyers. This opportunity can give people more comfortable, breathable living – especially if most time is spent staying at home.

When downsizing, people tend to sacrifice large shared living spaces for fewer rooms – which usually come as a package. However, upsizing can provide several different assets that, more often than not, come as a luxury. You never knew that you needed these amazing upgrades until now!

Upsizing a home tends to offer more privacy and creativity to home goods enthusiasts and retirees, providing an overall more relaxing and spacious environment for numerous leisurely and active functions. If you haven’t thought about an upgrade to your home yet, don’t discount upsizing as one of them!

Space and Size

This one might be obvious, but the possibilities are endless when upsizing. Whether it’s more square feet or an increase in the total number of rooms, anything can be reimagined with some creativity. Cramped living in claustrophobic apartments usually requires strategic stacking skills to use each space to its full potential. With a larger home, once-clustered rooms can now become stress free.

More space to sprawl out can truly transform a home’s interior. Rooms that were once multipurpose can now be designated for a singular, specific activity. Always wanted to build an artist’s studio or a woodworking space? There you have it. Separate areas for the kitchen table and the dining table? Your dinner party fantasy can now become a reality.

Each room can serve its own purpose, which offers the option of privacy between members of the household. Now, building out a playroom for the grandkids, a man cave for dad, and a visitor-ready guest room can exist without having to share.


When moving to a bigger home, chances are that you’re moving away from tighter, urban spaces that are often congested with traffic, people, and noise. As suburban or more open areas go, houses are typically more spacious and less expensive than property at the bustling city center. This means the opportunity for a quieter and quainter part of town if you are thinking about making the move.

Depending on the area of your home, this could mean a variety of other things. Larger properties usually indicate that houses are further spaced apart in the urban planning. While living close to your neighbors might be great if you are pals, there’s a great chance that you’ll no longer have to hear their voices or faucet through the other side of the wall!

If the property you move into is a part of a neighborhood or tract, this might mean wider sidewalks, driveways, and garages for passing traffic. This is great for kids or taking the dog on a walk.

Added Amenities

To the previous point of relocation, upsizing often grants more space between individual properties. To separate homes from each other and create an augmented sense of owned space, backyards and side yards span wider and larger. Now, adding that beautiful planter of seasonal flowers, vegetable garden and row of fruit trees, or swimming pool and putting green are completely possible.

Finally now having a garage – or even an upgraded three-door garage – could give homeowners a more secure space to park their car, or a great hang out spot for the teenagers. Garages can even be reimagined as a handy storage space. No more stuffing the bikes and scooters in the closet (along with all the winter coats).

Neighborhoods that are incorporated will often be kept nice and tidy as well, enhancing the overall curb appeal of your home. With more property often comes front lawns and planters that give your home an added charm!

Family Time

Getting the family together is always hard in smaller spaces. Having more than a few people in a cramped apartment is always a struggle. Limited space for guests to stay over or help cook Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen might be difficult as well.

For large families or children flying in around the holidays from all over the country, having a designated space to host can be a great idea to get everyone together. Having all the grandkids over during the holidays or cold winter season, under one roof, is convenient for all. When family time can often be undervalued – as get-togethers sometimes only happen once or twice a year with hectic schedules – it’s great to be with all your loved ones in one place.