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How to Revamp Your Home with Items You Already Own
How to Revamp Your Home with Items You Already Own
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Remodeling isn’t the only way you can revamp your own home to make it look snazzy or “wow” everyone when you host the family’s dinner parties. It might not be apparent at first, but your home may already be equipped with all the tools needed for a quick fix-up that will immediately brighten a room. With a bit of work, free time, and creativity, these nifty tricks can turn old into new in no time!

Still Life

Drawing inspiration from renowned works, like that of Cézanne and Van Gogh, can certainly do the trick. A simple vase of sunflowers or a bowl of fruit can serve as a centerpiece for all types of tables – from long, elegant dining tables to sturdy living room coffee tables. Place them in odd numbers if not just one, and in varying sizes. Use old dishware – bowls or even mugs can do the trick. Pick flowers from the garden or even outside!

Unconventionally creative ideas can create a uniquely beautiful home as well. Replacing fruit with pinecones during the fall or winter could give your home a nice and cozy outpost feel – especially when cold weather hits the neighborhood. Glass dishes that you may already have, perhaps tucked away in the corners of your kitchen cabinet, could make a nice home for pebbles, rocks, or shells picked up from the beach.

Be conscious of the space that you are styling to make this look work. Smaller potted plants or succulents would do great on windowsills, shelves, or even bathroom counters. Large plants that sport long stems or leaves can easily fill corners of rooms or even line the edges of walls to sit beside other furniture. You’d be amazed at how refined your room can look after dressing it up.


Cleaning out your closets, pantries, and cabinets is a great way to not only resituate your belongings, but also to see what you’ve accumulated throughout the mere months or years since you’ve inhabited your home. Messily strewn towels, dishes, and kitchen supplies can give off an image of overwhelming clutter. Simply organizing these essentials into neat stacks can make a room – or home – feel brand new. Try to align them by size, or create a consistent pattern that pleases the eye.

Unnecessary clutter can easily go in the attic or garage. Think of ways to optimize these storage spaces, putting items away that aren’t frequently used or seasonal.

Personalize with style and color

Throw blankets and pillows can effortlessly make a space comfy and inviting. Pillowcases are extremely easy to make with some spare fabric, scissors, and thread. If the colors of your fabrics seem dingy or faded, indigo or black fabric dye can do the trick. Now old fabric can become new. You can also use throw blankets to give your room a little more personality and cover up rogue spots on the couch that won’t come out. Nobody will know, and it can even provide a pop of color.

Color coordination sets the mood of a space instantly. Move all warm colors together or all cool colors together, or organize by color story. You’ll be impressed with how much more put-together different books, magazines, or trinkets and souvenirs will look once they follow a certain color scheme.

Feng Shui

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice that harmonizes people and places through architecture and orientation of humans’ surroundings. These ideas have been translated to Western interior design, influencing the direction of furniture or plants placed throughout a room.

For starters, good airflow and natural light manifests a positive energy throughout the negative space in a room. De-cluttering cramped or messy areas, as previously stated, will certainly give the room a brighter and airier feel. Think about where furniture can be best placed – for example, will moving the dresser in your bedroom away from the window allow more sunlight to fill the room during the day? Or can the furniture placement in your room be angled differently in a way that lengthens the room instead of making it feel smaller?

Wall Décor

Give the walls of your home some love. Do-it-yourself crafts, garlands, or other decorative items you might have in your house can be hung to fill otherwise blank spaces. Print out pictures or prints and make a collage of your favorite things, or lay them out symmetrically in frames. You can have a lot of fun with this step – making shadowboxes with memorabilia or souvenirs or printing posters that will give your wall some personality. Depending on your wall, double-sided tape may not be a permanent stick, so make sure you have a hammer and nails, special tape for walls, or pins to ensure that it stays.