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5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Color Into Your Home Design
5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Color Into Your Home Design
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The recent minimalist color trend seems to have taken over the home design landscape, from Pinterest boards to model homes for sale. While whites, blacks, and neutrals are easy to work with and are typically used to make homes for sale appeal to a wider crowd, adding color can brighten a room instantly or make it feel homier.

There are several ways that you can creatively incorporate color into your pre-existing interior with a little strategizing and a lot of fun.

Accent Wall or Furniture

An accent wall is a great, easy way to add some color to your home’s interior. A single colored wall can be a subtle way to stylize a room to your liking. This look works well with a similar color scheme to the rest of the room, drawing out the accent colors of other furniture or objects.

A good rule of thumb would be to stick with warm colors or cool colors, but to not mix the two. Too many colors on different ends of the spectrum might be a little overwhelming. If your furniture is neutral-toned, a sunny yellow could make the kitchen feel open and welcoming. Light pastel colors could soften the tone of a baby’s room or studio space.

Bolder and larger accent wall designs can completely change the mood of the dining room or living room. While more neutral colors are used to achieve a good balance, pops of color can instantly enhance certain areas or features of the room, like the fireplace mantle or the headboards of beds in the bedrooms.

This could be done with easy stick-on wallpapers with pre-printed designs for a temporary trendy look, or with sleek wooden panels in bright red or cool forest green to give it a fun contemporary vibe. And don’t forget the ceiling! Giving this plane a different color is a unique way to add some color without invading any pre-existing spaces. It’s all about creativity, so think about what things would complement the accessories that the room would already have.


Who said that all faucet handles and taps need to have a chrome finish? Brass is in, and options are plenty. The warm coppers and golds can quickly transform bathrooms and kitchens into lovely vintage, contemporary, or utilitarian havens that add a little character with some color.

Make sure that all metals in the room, from soap dispensers to mirror trims to chair legs, are the same color you choose to use for your sinks and pipes. These small fixtures might seem like tiny details, but make a huge difference when stepping back and admiring the room’s new ambiance.


Bringing some plant life into your home can give it a nice touch of nature. Leafy potted plants and succulents go well with nearly any design. Hang them from the ceiling, place them on shelves or counters, or place larger plants in room corners to liven up the room and make it a bit more breathable.

Flowers that complement the room’s colors can also be placed in vases as a secondary or tertiary element, softening the bolder primaries in the room and providing a nice centerpiece for coffee tables or large spaces.

Accessories and Statement Pieces

This one’s a fun one. Accessories and statement pieces are easy to find at almost any home goods or furniture store, or even thrift stores. They’re great to DIY as well! Colorful vases and other textiles can give a room bold or subtle pops of color, depending on their styles and sizes.

Pillows that rest on chairs or couches come in a variety of prints and patterns, shapes and sizes. They’re easy to make with fabric and some thread if customization is your thing. A colorful throw blanket atop sofas or bedspreads can even do the trick.

Think of blank walls as blank canvases that can be filled with paintings or adorned with wide tapestries. Statement pieces can singlehandedly transform a small, plain room into a tiny art gallery. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-chosen work!

Color in Unexpected Places

Nontraditional pops of color throughout your home will certainly turn some heads when you have company. Adding color to the insides of your sinks is an eye-catcher – sink bowls don’t always have to be white!

Stove backsplashes can be replaced with colorful tiles that complement your kitchen’s colors. If you have shelves whose backs face the wall, adding a wallpaper behind your shelved items is a creative way to display your items as well. Colors in small spaces almost always work well, and are fun to find.