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5 Steps to Prepare Your House for Sale
5 Steps to Prepare Your House for Sale
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­So, you’re finally ready to sell your home – almost. After long and deep consideration, or perhaps a short stroke of confidence, you’ve made your decision to let go of the original HQ. Whether you already have experience selling homes or you happen to be a first-timer, these tips will help guide you in how to best put this big decision into action.

If the main finances and logistics of your home have been completely sorted out with a reliable real estate agent or broker, don’t think that your job is finished just yet. There are several easy and budget-friendly ways you can effectively showcase your home that are often overlooked. Continue below and read five key steps that will prepare your house for sale!

Keep it clean

A clean house – inside and outside – will appeal much more to your potential audience. Appearance matters first and foremost when screening homes, and can immediately influence buyers’ perceptions of your home.

For example, dusting previously neglected areas can make a huge difference when interested buyers come to scope the interior of your home. This might include fan blades, fireplace mantles, and hard-to-reach cobweb-filled corners. Also make sure that your furniture and light fixtures are completely dust-free.

Areas where water usually runs like showers and sinks might need re-caulking and bleaching, and appliances like chrome faucets and handles could probably use some polishing before the first day of public display. Make sure that living space areas appear bright, open, and airy, as opposed to musty and cramped. This might mean rearranging furniture or appliances to optimize the room’s ventilation.

The exterior of your home matters, too! Clean the rain gutters that can be caked with debris or water lines, and pressure wash the sides of your home to make sure the paint is nearly spotless. Anything you can do to scrub down the entrance of your home, including the driveway, helps infinitely when leaving a good first impression for potential buyers.

Don’t disregard curb appeal

While you’re at the front of your home, take a step back and think about what you’d judge from an outside perspective. Little things matter here, too – especially because you have the most control over your home’s first impression.

Make sure your house number can be clearly read from the street, trimming hedges or invasive plants if needed. If you have a front lawn, make sure it’s mowed and weeded properly if you are expecting guests. Flowers or plants that nicely frame a front door can also be a plus. This can be a small row of potted plants or a wreath at the front door. Making sure the entrance is in tip-top shape will ensure that your buyer walks in with a smile before viewing the rest of your home.

Organize storage spaces

For a quick fix that will instantly turn your home from cluttered to classy, focus on organization. Tidying up messy storage spaces in your home, like closets or cabinets, creates even more space for your things that originally couldn’t have seemed possible. Stacking dishes neatly in cupboards, lining up shoes and spices, and placing everything in the same direction, from cup handles to shirts, makes a huge difference.

Reorganizing your things also provides a great opportunity to throw out or donate other items that you don’t use frequently or don’t need. For example, those clothes at the back of your closet that have hung untouched for years, with tags, can easily be sold at a consignment or thrift store. Bookcases will look much more polished and much less clunky without the dusty piles of books left in place.

Make necessary repairs

Sure you’ve figured out the majority of your finances, but be sure to have some savings for necessary housing repairs. Well-informed buyers will want to make sure the property they are buying is in the best condition.

Before selling your house, you’ll want to cover costs that could make or break sales like fixing broken windows, leaky faucets, doors or drawers that don’t close properly, and any holes or cracks in the walls, floors, or counters.

Please your audience

Knowing that your buyer could come from a wide range of potential buyers means making your home one that appeals to many. Neutral tones, rather than loud or too-bright colors, can help buyers more easily envision it as a living space of their own.

By de-personalizing your home – for example, removing family photos from the walls and taking extra décor off the walls –will not only help as a pre-move out procedure for you as the seller, but also give the buyer a clean canvas to start planning how their new home will look.