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2017 Home Design Trends
2017 Home Design Trends
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As folks find themselves in the full swing of a new year, they may be looking for methods to improve their lives. Whether it’s shedding the holiday weight, taking up a new hobby, or revamping their home for renewed inspiration, everyone is on a quest for self-betterment.

This year’s new home design trends call for communal gathering spaces, posh textures, bright colors, and a modernistic take on traditional designs, all adding up to the ideal environment to create a whole “new you.”

Here’s a peak at the home design trends for 2017. They’ll probably get you motivated to breathe new life into your home décor or living arrangements.

Community Gathering Spaces

The combo of more time spent on social media or at work has caused many people to feel isolated and crave face-to-face interactions. This has caused a need for community gathering spaces within multifamily buildings and even single-family residential developments.

Some popular selections include clubhouses with amazing kitchen amenities, outdoor decks with serene pools and movie screens, and modern fitness centers with group classes, all providing you with an excellent chance to meet the neighbors.

Traditional Kitchens with a Modern Twist

This 2017 home décor trend of sleek built-in bars is perfect for homeowners who adore entertaining guests. A built-in bar adds instant pizazz to an otherwise traditional kitchen and offers a convenient spot to store drinks, glasses, and everything else you need for a ritzy night in at home.

If a built-in bar isn’t your thing, then opt for a colorful island that offers added space to whip up a gourmet meal or mix drinks. The key to this trend is to choose a contrasting color with the rest of your décor. If you have a kitchen that is warmly hued, choose an island color in a cool shade.

This year’s kitchen style will also rely heavily on tile to create a chic focal point and direct the overall vibe of your kitchen. If you think a simple tile backsplash isn’t enough, cover your walls, floor to ceiling, with this mod texture.

Lucky for you, marble is also in. Think white and light gray accents for flooring, tabletops, home accessories, and countertops.

Texture Everywhere

Weaving tads of texture into an interior certainly has its perks, making your space more inviting and cozy. From brushed brass tables to mix-and-match fabrics and wallpaper, texture definitely makes your home stand out. Another way to do this is with a plush velvet statement piece. Designers worldwide are adding this lush fabric to couches, curtains, and throw pillows to give your home a sophisticated look.

Beige is the New Gray

While white remains the most popular color option due to its flexibility, this year many homeowners will be on the hunt for warmer colors. Beige and taupe bring the warmth of a weathered, woodsy, and neutral look indoors, lending to a sense of coziness that makes people never want to leave their houses.


When it comes to making a home feel curated, an easy method to accomplish this is with pristine patterns. Inventive geometrics are going to be popular this year and speak to ancient cultures. But whether it’s Asian or African patterns, they’ll all get a modern flair.

Bright Green

Another color that is going to be coveted in 2017 is bright green. This cheery shade will instantly refresh and revitalize a space. Not into painting your entire house green? Then choose palmy plants or brightly colored succulents to add an instant boost of color to any room.

In the Bathroom

In the bathroom, vanities are making a comeback. Folks are getting crafty by using old chests of drawers, vintage consoles, and other unique items to make one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll see nowhere else.
As for showers, homeowners are taking the design to the next level with industrial black steel and glass doors. This chic look allows for plenty of natural light to shine through.

With so many trends in 2017, it’s hard to choose which ones can be right for you. Try playing around with small items, such as a velvet throw pillow or green accents, to work the current trends seamlessly into your décor.